Mechanic Services

Blackmon's Tire & Auto offers more than just the basic services of oil changes, brake adjustments, tire repairs, and battery changes. We provide a full list of mechanical services ranging from working on your air-conditioning system to your suspension and steering. We also offer transmission services and electrical systems check whenever your car is shorting out. Maintaining proper maintenance to your car is essential in making your automobile runs as smoothly as possible. That's why we offer full vehicle check over reports for each one of our customers. Cooling system checks to make sure your car and engine temperature are calculated are also a service we offer. Replacing broken belts, loose bolts, or even a broken hose can all be done at Blackmon's Tire & Auto. We offer the best high quality parts and services to make sure your automobile is always well taken care of. 

Mechanic Services Greenwood, SC

Blackmon's Tire & Auto is the premier professional automotive service company in Greenwood, SC. We take pride in providing fast and efficient mechanical services to all of our customers. Our mechanical services include, but are not limited to: oil changes, brake adjustments, tire repairs, and battery changes. Our team of professional automotive mechanics can provide service on any vehicle you may have. If you are in need of a professional mechanic near you, Contact Blackmon's Tire & Auto!

Mechanic Service Blackmon's Tire & Auto
Mechanic Service from Blackmon's Tire & Auto