Brake Service

Here at Blackmon's Tire & Auto we provide brake services that include brake changes, brake fluid changes, and brake repairs. Brake Fluid Changes may be needed depending on the last time it was checked. Brake Fluid Changes need to be changed once every year to avoid any contamination in your braking system. Neglect to your braking system over a period of time will cause your brakes to be severely damaged and compromise your safety in your vehicle. A brake fluid flush will be required over a certain period of time to clean out all old fluid and copper build up. If you need a brake change just come see us Blackmon's Tire & Auto providing the best brake service in the Greenwood, SC area.

Why Brake Service Is Needed

Brake Changes are done in order to make sure your brakes are safe for you to be driving. Brakes do wear over time so it is always good to make sure your car is always in its safest condition. Whether it be the pads, rotors, shoes, or drums we make sure that everything is looked over and is replaced and repaired accordingly. Brake pads changes will be needed more in the front than in the back do to your vehicle having all the weight pushed up front when the car is stopped. How you drive is also a big part in making sure your brake pads don't wear out as fast. If you drive fast that means you stop fast and the faster your stop the faster your brake pads wear off. No matter the job you can always count on Blackmon's Tire & Auto to ensure that you are provided with the best brake services in Greenwood, SC


Brake Changes from Blackmon's Tire & Auto
Brake Changes Blackmon's Tire & Auto