Oil Changes

At Blackmon’s Tire & Auto we provide premium oil changes that are done to make sure your engine is clean and properly running. The process is replacing old oil and old filters to new oil and new filters. Oil changes should be made every 3,000 miles. If you have a newer model car they can go up to 5,000 to 7,500 miles without an oil change. Oil change light should be reset after every oil change to make sure your car is in top condition.

Importance of Oil Changes

All oil changes are done with the best products to provide your automobile with the best service in Greenwood. Even if you do not use your automobile much you should still get an oil change every six months to prevent any unwanted metal or dirt in your engine. Do not let oil changes get away from you, it is vital part in your car’s longevity. Blackmon's Tire & Auto is here to ensure your automobile will get the best service in Greenwood, SC.


Oil Changes Blackmon's Tire & Auto
Oil Changes at Blackmon's Tire & Auto