Battery Change

Blackmon's Tire & Auto is the premier one stop shop to get your battery changed. Our professional mechanics will ensure that your new battery is properly connected so that you never have to worry about a loose connection. Making sure your new battery is properly connected will prevent the vehicle from not starting or delayed starts. Here at Blackmon's Tire & Auto we want to provide you with the best battery change and installation possible.

Benefits of Battery Changes

To make sure your battery is always reliable make sure you have your battery checked annually. Batteries do depend on time and overall usage of the car. Also the temperature and conditions of the car itself could factor into it. If it's not your battery then it could be the alternator. The alternator is there to bring power to all your electrical systems and recharge your battery when needed. If your car is having trouble starting, or your electrical systems don't work at all then it is time to bring it in for a checkup. All battery changes and installations are done by our highly trained mechanics here only at Blackmon's Tire & Auto in Greenwood, SC.

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Battery Change Blackmon's Tire & Auto